Geezers, Gassers, & Hawgs

Guthrie Rotary Club is sponsoring their annual Geezers, Gassers & Hawgs Car Gathering. The ever entertaining Ronnie Kaye Dancemobile will be spinning the classics.

The photos location -- T.B.D. 
The photographer will be starting at 3:00, the Show starts at 6:00. For more information visit

Oklahoma ‚Äč'89er celebration  

Friday, April 19th

"Old Timer's Game" 

The Guthrie '89er Invitational baseball competition is going on Thursday and Friday.

On Friday at 6:00 p.m. the teams will take time to play a classic "Old Timer's Game" 

This event takes place at Squire's Field and is sponsored by the Territorial Capital Sports Museum.
(Will be cancelled if it rains.)

The Big Wheel Race

Kids ages 3 through 7 are invited to take part in their own special "wheel" classic;

The Big Wheel Race hosted by the Kiwanis Club.

They will meet by the Post Office at 5:00 p.m. and have to be accompanied by a parent.