NEWS RELEASE:  March 16, 2020

'89er Celebration and Parade on Hold

The City of Guthrie has issued a State of Emergency declaration, effective through May 12, 2020, due to the Corona-virus crisis. All Guthrie events must be postponed or cancelled, unless the order is rescinded early.

While we understand what this celebration means to Guthrie and to the State of Oklahoma, we agree with the difficult decision made by our Mayor and the City to prevent putting people at risk during this pandemic.

The Guthrie '89er Committee will be meeting to determine if it is possible to postpone the celebration this year to a later date, rather than having to cancel completely.

This decision will not be taken lightly, and we will work hard to reach the very best outcome possible.

An announcement will be made here as soon as a decision is reached.

Please stay safe.