Oklahoma ​'89er celebration  

2018 Queen ANd Princess

'89er Queen and Princess

2017 Queen Bayleigh Warren

2018 Princess Shailey Smith

2016 Princess Avery Hamilin

Shailey Smith is the 14 year old daughter of Brandi and Shane Smith. She lives on a ranch outside of Orlando, Oklahoma, where she attends Epic Charter School online. Shailey enjoys online school, because it gives her more time on her ranch. Shailey has been ranching and competing in rodeos all her life. If she could have one wish come true, she would like to someday become Miss Rodeo U.S.A. Shailey is very excited about being the 2018 Guthrie '89er Princess, and she is ecstatic to inspire younger girls to follow in her footsteps as an '89er Princess.

2016 Queen Keely Coldiron

2014 Queen Dracyn Taylor and Princess

2017 Princess Cate Gibson

Karley Smith is the 17 year old daughter of Brandi and Shane Smith. She is from Orlando, Oklahoma, where she attends Epic Charter School as a junior. Although her love for her horses and cattle may be strong, she hopes to one day obtain a degree in emergency medicine. Growing up and being a part of the family ranch has taught her to manage her time, money, and goals. One thing about Karley is that she is extremely competitive, from rodeos, to basketball, cheer, and track. Karley has always enjoyed sports, but nothing could compare to her love for horses and ranch life. A huge impact that has been made on Karley’s life is her Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. She has had to learn to push through the tough days and not let it slow her down. Karley wants other kids to know that nothing can keep you from your dream if you just keep pushing. Today Karley enjoys riding horses, working cattle, hunting, and going to rodeos with her sister. Karley is looking forward to a year full of traveling and spreading her love for rodeo and the western way of life.

2018 Queen Karley Smith