Past '89er Celebration Royalty

The 2020 '89er Celebration Royalty was selected by a panel of judges consisting of former queens and queen coordinator Carrie Dennis Fryar (1994 Queen). The next four months will be busy for the queen and princess as multiple public appearances will be made including the Chuck Wagon Feed Dinner, the Chamber Coffee, and the 2020 '89er Parade.


Miss LeCluyse , 10, joins Miss Johnson and Miss Mariconda at events and appearances as the 2020 '89er Sweetheart. This public exposure will prepare her for a future run at the princess or queen title. 

Miss LeCluyse is in the fifth grade at Heritage Elementary School and has been riding horses for six years.  She and her horse, Delilah, have competed in many local and national shows through the 4-H program and the Oklahoma Horse Show Association.  LeCluyse is currently Vice-President of Edmond Light Horse 4H. In her spare time, she enjoys basketball and singing with the Edmond Youth Chorus.

​Miss LeCluyse is a resident of Edmond and the daughter of Blake and Allison LeCluyse. 

Introducing Your

2020 Oklahoma '89er Queen, Princess, and Sweetheart


Mariconda, 14, is an eighth grader at Deer Creek Middle School. The 2020 Princess is a barrel racer at local competitions with her 18 year-old horse, Chip, who she has owned for the last two years.  Miss Mariconda makes jewelry on the side.  Her other hobbies include reading, acting, and public speaking.

Mariconda commented that she was grateful to family, friends, and her trainers for working on her horse skills with her over the years.

Miss Mariconda is a resident of Deer Creek and the daughter of Paul and Holly Mariconda. 


Johnson is a junior at Epic Charter Schools and loves History and English classes. The new queen works part-time at OneHealth Chiropractic and her future includes attending Sherman Chiropractic College in South Carolina.

Johnson is also a junior curator at the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Gardens. She currently owns five horses, three dogs and a cat. Besides being an avid animal lover, Johnson is also a competitive dancer. When not working with her horses, Johnson enjoys volleyball and teaching new tricks to her animals. Johnson also volunteers at Project 66.

Miss Johnson lives in Edmond, Oklahoma, and is the daughter of Dr. Vernon and Missy Millspaugh.