Guthrie School Jazz Band and
Guthrie School Jazz Choir

Location: Courtyard of the Post Office at First and Oklahoma
Time: 6:30 PM


The Guthrie High School '89er Invitational Baseball Tournament is going on Thursday and Friday, beginning at 4:00 p.m.

On Friday at 5:15 p.m. the teams will take time to play a classic "1889er Old Timer's Baseball Game" and "GHS Alumni Home Run Derby" at 6:00 p.m.  The tournament will resume after the Home Run Derby (approx. 6:45 p.m.).

This event takes place at Squire's Field and is sponsored by the Territorial Capital Sports Museum.
(Will be cancelled if it rains.)

4:00 PM

4:00 PM

Thursday, April 18th

"The Great Bed Run"

A 5 member team races their bed on Oklahoma between Capitol & Elm

Sponsored by: Guthrie Chamber of Commerce and Logan County Healthy Living Program

 Register: To Be Announced
 Time: To Be Announced

11:00 AM


Carnival Continues

4:00 PM -- 10:00 PM

Food Trucks and Vendors

Vendors are still open today!

Food, craft, merchant, and business vendors are still lining the streets of Downtown Guthrie today. There is something for everyone. 

Also, don't forget to take time to explore the wonderful shops in DOWNTOWN GUTHRIE.

All the vendors are listed on the Vendor page. Be sure to take a look so you can find your favorite.

Oklahoma ​'89er Celebration

6:00 PM

6:30 PM

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