Come to the '89er Parade at noon dressed in a costume and you could win!  

Dress in western wear, period clothing from the pioneer days, or as your favorite Pioneer Woman!

After the parade, head over to the American Legion Building at 123 N. 1st Street before the U.S. Marshals Show (begins after the parade - approx 3: - 3:30 p.m.) to be judged by none other than the U.S. Territorial Marshals reinactors!

Be the winner of the First '89ers Costume Contest!

​All ages are welcome!  There is no cost to enter.


​​​​​DATE:   APRIL 22, 2023

Pioneer women have graced the Oklahoma Territory from 1889 to 2023!  A pioneer woman can be dressed in the clothes of the days of the Land Run or as a pioneering woman from Oklahoma who has been the first or the most excellent in what she has done.

Dress in your western or pioneer best and strut your stuff on parade day!  Then head over to the American Legion to try for first prize!