2023 '89er Parade Theme:  

Oklahoma women have always been pioneers: among the first to rush forth to advance their culture and their power in the world.  They are the pioneers that first charged into the 1889 Land Run of April 22nd.  They are the pioneers that first fought for and won the vote for women.  They are the pioneers that became the first lawyers, judges, doctors, generals, mayors, governors, and they continue to brave new territories today.  

Our 2023 '89er Days Button features Judith Carter Horton.She is a true example of a great Oklahoma woman - an American pioneer - who changed history. She was from Guthrie, and she founded the Excelsior Library, which still exists today. She was here fighting for better education and better access to books for young black men and women at the time Oklahoma was becoming a state.

More information about Judith Carter Horton can be found in our BUTTONS page.